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Dr Cheah Fung Fong

Co-Chairperson, D6 Family Ministry

About the speaker

Dr. Cheah Fung Fong is the Executive Director of Filos Community Services, where she serves vulnerable children, seniors and families, integrating their health and social care. She is also the Vice President of the Trinity Annual Conference(TRAC) of the Methodist Church in Singapore. A firm believer in faith formation in families, she has been involved in Children’s Ministry at her home church – Fairfield Methodist Church, as well as at TRAC and the 4-14 movement. As Associate General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Singapore, she co-chairs the D6 Family Ministry. Fung Fong and her husband Christopher have 3 adult children and a daughter-in-law and are newly minted grandparents to their grandchild.

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  • Phone: +65 6304 5286
  • Email: family.min@bible.org.sg