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Dr Ron Hunter

Executive Director & CEO of Randall House & D6 Family Ministry

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Dr. Ron Hunter has authored or helped author five books, four on family ministry that include About You About Me: Generational Legacy Journal, a core book entitled The DNA of D6: Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship, along with Recalibrate: A New Measure for Family Ministry, and Youth Ministry in the 21st Century – 5 Views. Another favorite of leaders includes Toy Box Leadership: Leadership Lessons From Toys You Loved as a Child. Ron Hunter Jr. is the CEO of Randall House & D6 Family Ministry (publisher of D6 Curriculum); he is the cofounder and Director of the D6 Conference, but his favorite titles are Husband, Father, and Grandaddy.

About the speaker's involvement in D6 Family Conference 2023 Singapore

Plenary Sessions

(1) Loving God with all your Heart, Soul, Strength
(2) Pursuing the Heart of your Child/Teen in a Post-Modern World


Creative Faith Conversations with your Children

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  • Phone: +65 6304 5286
  • Email: family.min@bible.org.sg